The Restoration of The Fountain Pond –  2008

This man-made pond was originally a fish pond.  In the 1970s, the pond was encircled with stone slabs and a fountain obtained from the St. John’s Basilica during renovations was placed there. 

In 2008, the entire pond area underwent major remodeling and reconstruction as part of a revitalization project. This was one of the initiatives from the 2005 Bowring Park Master Plan which focused on the preservation, restoration and development of the Park’s landscape.

Husky Energy Inc. made a significant contribution to this project and the fountain that is now in the pond is called the Husky Energy Fountain. The new Fountain Pond was officially opened on August 20th, 2008 and it has since provided residents with a beautiful place to relax, walk and play.

Bowring Park Foundation’s Project Partners:

Husky Energy Inc.

City of St. John’s