Duck Food Sales


Duck Food

The Foundation sells corn for duck food as a year-round fund raiser and all profits go back into projects for Bowring Park. Corn is preferred over bread as duck food because bread has little nutritional value; it dehydrates the birds because of its high salt content; and it promotes bacterial growth in the water in ponds and rivers.

The Foundation would like to recognize the continued efforts by The Button Shop and Marie’s Mini Marts in this fundraising endeavour:

  • Employees of The Button Shop, which works under the auspices of the Vera Perlin Society, take great pride in packaging the thousands of bags of duck food which are sold for $1 at the Marie’s Mini Marts in St. John’s and the surrounding areas. They have been doing this since February 5th, 2003.   
  • Marie’s Mini Marts have been the distribution points for our duck food program since 2003. They do this on a voluntary basis and their contribution is certainly appreciated.